The town of Chestnut Hill, PA- Lots of cute shops, bars, and restaurants line Germantown Avenue. Try the famous Schmitter sandwich at McNally's Tavern or enjoy a margarita outside at El Poquito. Top it all off with ice cream from Bredenbeck's Bakery. Other favorites include: Chestnut Hill Brewing Company, Cake (BYOB), Campbell's Place, and Iron Hill Brewery. A quick 10 minute drive or Uber from Chubb. 

The town of Ambler, PA- A smaller version of Chestnut Hill, there are some other solid spots to eat here. The Lucky Well for BBQ, From the Boot for Italian/Pizza, Forest & Main Brewpub, and others. There is also The Ambler Theater if you'd like to catch a movie. A 15 minute drive or Uber from Chubb.

The Phil's Tavern, Blue Bell, PA- Phil's rightfully deserves its own call out, as it's been a staple of the Ahrenhold family for 25+ years and now counts Todd as a regular as well. A quick 10 minute drive or Uber from Chubb and you'll find yourself at a no frills, lots-of-food bar/restaurant. Everything here is delicious and the portions are huge. Great for Friday night dinner if you're in town and looking for something easy and casual:

Valley Green- Wissahickon Valley Green Park has over 2,000+ acres of hiking/walking trails along the water on Forbidden Drive and is absolutely beautiful. Stop off at Valley Green Inn (, a tavern built in 1850, for lunch or a drink:  Note that one of the entrances to Forbidden Drive is just down the road from Bruno's ( / 9800 Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill), an awesome breakfast/lunch spot across the street from horse stables if you want to make an adventure out of it! 3-5 minutes drive from Chubb.

The Morris Arboretum- The Morris Arboretum of The University of Pennsylvania is the official arboretum of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is 92 acres and beautiful to explore/get lost in with endless paths, ponds, flowers, and trails. Admission fee is charged at the gate and only a 5 minute drive from Chubb:

Others to note- The General Lafayette ( serves weekend brunch, lunch, and dinner as does it's next door neighbor, Brittingham's ( They are less than a mile from Chubb.